CareerGenix is designed for college students in their senior year of undergraduate study along with graduates and professionals who will be seeking their first opportunities in their chosen fields or for those looking to change their current positions. Tools have been put in place to provide you with the ability to connect with employers and with your peers as a means sharing ideas and to build professional careers and relationships.

We will continue to add tools that will help you to use Careergenix effectively and to help build your network and keep you up-to-date on matters that most interest you, or that can influence your future career growth.

When you graduate with your undergraduate degree and get your first job or, continue on, with your studies for a graduate degree, remember, you are part of a great community on Careergenix. So, as a graduate, you should change your profile to include your new status, in this way, your accomplishments will be recognized by all and contacts will remain and you can continue to grow them.

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College Administrators can invite members of the student body of their college or university to join CareerGenix and utilize its platform to invest in their future. The College Administrator will have such privileges as to contact and make meaningful suggestions to the students at that school to assist with the students’ image building process. We believe that this assistance will not be invasive and utilized at the students' discretion.

For the Employers and Recruiters, CareerGenix offers a wealth of talent providing you with a means to view and contact those members who meet the professional criteria being sought for a specific position. CareerGenix, with its members’ permission, allows the viewing of credentials and confidential contact information with the selected member.