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What America Needs

Finding the right opportunity after graduation can be a daunting situation. The economy in the United States has changed over the years and not in a good way. Many jobs have been off-shored to India and to China for greater profits. There is an indication that the contract employee (temporary worker) is going to be the new employment attitude of our industries rather than full time employees. With new skills new opportunities will bear out but that takes time. Many older individuals thought to retire and have an easier life are finding that they are now forced to work well beyond retirement age in order to make ends meet. Therefore, the people once thought to exit the work force giving opportunity to the new wave of workers coming in are now, also, competition.

Additionally, the expenses for the public employees retirement pensions will remain for many years to come, complicating the expendable income for the taxpayers. This will be of great consequence for many who need to pay for the basics such as housing, food, medical, clothing, communications and other non-essentials for enjoyment. Our politicians need to address this and other issues facing the American public now and for the future.

Getting an education is an excellent idea and expands ones knowledge for future needs, however, we need to decide if an over educated society is more beneficial of one that works in conjunction with older trades, such as clothing mills, furniture manufacturing, etc., should be offered as alternative opportunities, thereby, bringing back many of the products to be manufactured and serviced here in the United States.

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