1. Access and use of the Website, CareerGenix.com (owned and operated by CareerGenix Inc. and also referred herein as "CareerGenix") and the services provided by CareerGenix, by any individual or entity is conditional on acceptance of all "Terms and Conditions" stated herein. Therefore, please read thoroughly and carefully all provisions of the "Terms and Conditions" on the following pages. Any party (individual or entity) who does not agree to these "Terms and Conditions" may not use any services provided by the CareerGenix Website, any of its content or any services provided by CareerGenix. Also, if you do not comply with any of the conditions for access to this Website or abide by any proviso of the "Terms and Conditions" then, you may not use any services provided by the CareerGenix Website, any of its content or any services provided by CareerGenix. These "Terms and Conditions" are effective as of February 1, 2015 and remain in effect until otherwise changed by CareerGenix.

2. Access to the CareerGenix Website and/or use of any services, information or other uses derived directly or indirectly via access to CareerGenix Website, any of its content or any services provided by CareerGenix by any party (individual or entity) will constitute a Binding and Legal agreement by that party to all provisos listed within the "Terms and Conditions". The "Terms and Conditions" will be accessible to parties upon entry to CareerGenix Website and it is the responsibility of all parties to read and comply with all provisos comprising the "Terms and Conditions".

3. CareerGenix reserves the right to modify or change part of or all of the "Terms and Conditions" at any time. It is the responsibility of all Users to be cognizant of any changes or modifications of the "Terms and Conditions". Furthermore, all Users are subject to compliance with any changes in the "Terms and Conditions" and Users who do not wish to comply with the "Terms and Conditions" as changed or modified must forfeit their use of the CareerGenix Websites and services provided by CareerGenix.

4. Definition and Explanation of Key Terms and Expressions

Materials include all information, data, pictures, videos, etc.

Website is defined as any website, or part of any website, created by or controlled by Careergenix which provides any Content, Text, Programming, Services, or anything which is accessed, through any means or mode, to that which is created by CareerGenix or other parties legitimately using the tools provided by CareerGenix under the auspices of these "Terms and Conditions" or other "Terms and Conditions" provided solely by CareerGenix.

Content, as defined herein, include all that is comprised in the Website in whatever form or format it is found in Text, Programming, Documents, Graphics, Videos, Picture, etc., originating with or provided by CareerGenix, a third party or posted or uploaded to the Website.

Design is all elements comprising page layouts including color combinations, graphics and all server-side and client side programming used on all CareerGenix sites.

Document is any posting to the website of articles, resumes, news, or any form of text information.

Employer or Staffing Organization (also referred to herein as "Employer") is an individual or entity accessing the Website, with authorization from CareerGenix, for the purpose of seeking candidates for employment and/or seeking information from articles and documents posted to the Website.

Member is any individual, of legal age as defined under the jurisdiction of the United States and the place of residence and/or the location at time of access within the United States, whose emergent career is within the professional or managerial domain of their particular industry, business or profession, accessing the Website to utilize the services provided to individuals for displaying their career expertise and experience, articles they have written, personal or career information, videos, pictures or other data which may have direct bearing on the individuals professional career.

College as used herein is defined as a College, University, or any other secondary learning institution above the high school level.
Student is defined herein as current students or alumni of a College, as it is defined here.

Administrator is an individual(s) assigned by the College who is given limited access by CareerGenix to add or delete information to specific areas of the Careergenix.com website pertaining only to students from the specific College represented by the Administrator.

Graphics refers to and constitutes all graphic components appearing on the Website including all logos and buttons.
Services defined as all services provided by CareerGenix, through its Website, or other means, directly or by its authorized representatives and agents as described here or in other agreements.

"You" as used herein refer to any User of the Website and/or services provided by CareerGenix. You may also refer to any individual or entity accessing the Website.

Video is any video posted to the Website, in any format, by any authorized party or any party as authorized by CareerGenix and stipulated in the Provisos within the "Terms and Conditions" or other authorities provided only by CareerGenix. Also it refers to any video provided by CareerGenix.

Picture is any picture posted to the Website, in any format, by any authorized party stipulated in the provisos within the "Terms and Conditions" or other authority provided only by CareerGenix. Also it refers to any picture provided by CareerGenix on the Website.

"User" is any party, individual or entity that uses any part or feature of the Website or any service provided by CareerGenix. All individual Users attest that they are of legal age as defined under the jurisdiction of the United States and/or the place of residence and/or location at time of access within the United States. All entity Users certify that they are a legal entity operating within the laws of the United States and all applicable state and local laws. “User” also includes any Visitor to this Website.

Article is any article independently posted or uploaded by an Authorized User or by Careergenix.

Data is information posted or uploaded by Users.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The Website, referred to herein, and all contents, materials, designs, graphics, videos, photographs, etc. (unless otherwise stated herein), are the sole property of CareerGenix or its licensors. Furthermore, these rights are protected by United States and foreign copyright, trademark and other applicable laws. CareerGenix allows limited access to authorized users of the Website and the services provided, as specifically stated in these "Terms and Conditions". All other rights, entitlements, titles, and benefits derived from these properties belong solely to CareerGenix and/or its licensors. Reproductions, modifications or use of any portion of the contents, materials or other property, as herein mentioned as belonging to CareerGenix or its licensors for any reason is strictly prohibited to all Users or others accessing the Website unless otherwise authorized by CareerGenix in these "Terms and Conditions" or other written authorization from CareerGenix is obtained. Prohibition referred to herein includes all and any form or method to copy, modify, reproduce, alter, change or use in any manner, materials, documents, graphics, designs, pictures, videos, programming , Html coding software, any process or anything else connected with this site which is owned by CareerGenix or its licensors (without excluding any other form of infringement not already mentioned). All other product and service marks contained on the Sites are the trademarks of their respective owners.

6. Intended Use of Site

The intended use of the Website is for individual members to present their credentials, expertise and unique abilities to their peers, employers, staffing organizations and other parties in industry and the business community. Furthermore, the Website is intended to provide an environment where professionals, managers and students can display and build on their career credentials over the course of their career. It is also a site where employers and staffing professionals may have access to individuals with the career qualifications they may be seeking for specific positions and having an accessible and confidential means of contact.

All Users, United States citizens and citizens from other countries whether operating within the United States or from foreign locations, agree to access this Website solely under the laws and legal jurisdiction of the United States. Furthermore, Users agree to access this Website at their own risk and in compliance with these "Terms and Conditions".

7. Prohibited Uses of this Website

A. All Users and all those accessing this Website, or any part thereof, are strictly prohibited from using this Website to promote or implement any criminal activity or any other use which may be deemed as criminal by any local or state or federal government authorities.

B. All Users of this Website agree not to upload, circulate, publish, generate or post any form of Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, or anything which is intended to cause damage to computers, interfere in basic computer functions or normal computer procedures.

C. All Users of this Website agree not to upload, circulate, publish, generate or post;

(i) Anything which will interfere in any way with the normal and effective functioning of this Website or upload anything which will damage or impair this Website. This includes "spamming", "overloading" and "crashing" but does not exclude any other manner or form which will be detrimental to this Website.

(ii) Any material, videos, pictures, text, graphics, data, which is vulgar, obscene, indecent, threatening, harassing, abusive, or intimidating to any individual or group for any reason of personal, race, religion, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, disability, age, gender, ethnicity or other reason which will bring harm or defamation to any individual or group.

(iii) Any material, articles, graphics, logos, pictures, video or other items which are intellectual property of other parties and are protected by copyright, trademark or patent laws or violate the intellectual property, rights of other persons or entities unless legally authorized to do so .

(iv) Anything which infringes on the privacy of others.

D. All Users are prohibited from using the Website for any purpose other than its intended use as stipulated in the "Terms and Conditions". Included with the Prohibited uses already stated above are (unless special authorization is given directly by CareerGenix) sending advertising, promotions, advertising products or services, political, religious or other notifications for organizations or events.

E. All Users are prohibited from accessing, or make any effort to access, any part of the Website which they have not been specifically authorized to access.

F. All Users are prohibited from infiltrating or making any attempt to breach or interfere with Website security procedures or protocol.

8. Member

A. Use of Website

Use of the CareerGenix Website is at no cost to members. CareerGenix authorizes members to utilize the features of the Website which is specifically made available to members use only as long as all provisos of the "Terms and Conditions" are agreed to and abided by. Features open to members are postings of career information, personal picture, personal video, resume, articles written by the member which are not restricted by prior intellectual property rights such as copyright, patent or trade mark protections, and career news updates. Users further agree to indemnify CareerGenix against any such damages resulting from their dealings with other Users of this Website.

B. Postings and Uploads

Members may submit postings and uploads of data, pictures, videos, and any other information relating to their personal and professional career for the purpose of presenting their expertise to peers, possible employers and other individuals and entities in their industry and in the business academic and economic community.

Permission to make postings and uploads to the Website is granted to members as a privilege of membership and not their legal right. Therefore, all postings and uploads to this Website must conform in all matters and particulars to the standards and conditions as stated herein the "Terms and Conditions" and within the guide lines for the intended use of this Website and services provided by CareerGenix. CareerGenix has the right to screen any or all postings and uploads to the Website to monitor for compliance with the "Terms and Conditions". Furthermore, CareerGenix reserves the right to void any Postings or Uploads of data, pictures, videos, and any other information which do not conform to the provisos of the "Terms and Conditions" or meet with the professionalism required by its members as determined by CareerGenix. Members agree and acknowledge that CareerGenix has complete discretion without explanation to the Member and without recourse by the Member to determine what may be voided from the Website and to suspend or terminate a Members access and use of the CareerGenix Website and services for any reason and at any time. CareerGenix has the exclusive right to act upon its decisions without recourse from Members or Users.

C. As a Member you certify that you are of legal age in compliance with the legal jurisdiction of your place of residence and (within the United States) the location from which you are accessing the Website. Members accessing the Website from locations outside of the United States certify that they are of legal age as per the jurisdiction of the United States. Furthermore, Members certified as an adult (as per United States legal jurisdiction) confirm that they have the legal right as an adult to accept the responsibilities and the liabilities associated with the acceptance of all provisos of these "Terms and Conditions".

D. As a Member, you affirm that your use of this Website shall be in compliance with these "Terms and Conditions". Member agrees not to use the Website in any manner which is illegal or to promote any illegal activities.

E. Other than certain allowable exceptions which may be selected at the option of the Member, the Member authorizes the viewing of all personal and professional resumes, data, information, pictures, videos, articles and all other data which is posted or uploaded to this Website by individuals and entities of the business community, employers, staffing organizations, industry peers and other Users of this Website. Member also authorizes contact by any individual or entity, be it an employer, staffing organizations, peers or other individual Users of CareerGenix as a response to the members career and professional information and expertise. Member may receive contact from the above mention Users through the facilities provided by CareerGenix Website or other means provided by direct information provided by the Member through postings and uploads.

F. Members authorize CareerGenix to verify information submitted in postings and uploads.

G. Members agree to be responsible for the protection of their password. Members are responsible for all access made to the Website via their User Name and Password. Each member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their user name and password. Also, the member is responsible for all uses of his/her registration, whether or not personally authorized. If others use the member’s password to post inappropriate material on the Site, then the member risks losing his/her access to the Site. The member agree to notify CareerGenix immediately of any unauthorized use of his/her registration and password.

9. Administrator

The Administrator, as defined herein, is an individual(s) appointed by the College and accepted by Careergenix.com, to have access to the careergenix.com website strictly to provide data and information available solely to students from that specific College. The information, data, videos or other uploads input by the Administrator will be strictly for the purpose of assisting students and alumni in career development and counselling or to assist in contacting specific employers.

The College and the Administrator agree to be entirely responsible for any and all information uploaded to the Careergenix.com website by the Administrator. Furthermore, the College affirms that all information and use of the website by the Administrator will strictly comply with all provisions stated in the Careergenix.com Terms and Conditions.

The College guarantees to be completely responsible for all uploads made by the Administrator to the Careergenix.com website. Furthermore, the College promises to hold Careergenix.com, its parent, CareerGenix Inc., its officers, employees, partners and all parties associated with the operation of Careergenix.com blameless and harmless from any legal suit or other actions which may arise from uploads made by the Administrator. Also, the College acknowledges and accepts all responsibility for legal or other actions arising from third parties directly related to upload made by the Administrator and the College guarantees that all of these aforementioned issues remain between the College and Third Part(ies).

10. Employer and Staffing Organization

A. Employer or Staffing Organization (also referred to herein as "Employer") are authorized to access this Website under the terms set forth in these "Terms and Conditions" and within the terms and provisos of specific agreements established with CareerGenix. Furthermore, CareerGenix authorizes the Employer to utilize services provided by the Website which include viewing data, information, videos, pictures and all other information posted and uploaded by Members, to make contact to Members through facilities provided by CareerGenix or other means for the specific purpose of exploring employment possibilities with a specific Member, and viewing CareerGenix authorized links to other associated websites and advertisers. Unless otherwise given permission by CareerGenix in writing or by contractual agreement with CareerGenix, the authorization granted to Employer is limited, non-exclusive, and non-transferable to third parties. Furthermore, the right to access the Website is restricted for the use of reviewing personal and professional information posted and uploaded by Members for the singular purpose of searching for qualified candidates for specific employment. Access to the CareerGenix Website and use of CareerGenix services by Employers is restricted to their internal use only. Employers may not access the Website to gather any data, information from the Website or any uploads or posting or anything else from this Website for the purpose of transferring, selling, or assigning to a third party without written authorization from CareerGenix. Employer agrees not to use information obtained through access of the CareerGenix Website which is prohibited, as listed in section 7 in these "Terms and Conditions", or in any way detrimental or abusive to Members, other Users, or CareerGenix.

B. Employer recognizes that the CareerGenix Website is a service and a tool for which postings and uploads are at the discretion of the Users, authorized linked-in Websites and advertisers. Therefore, Employer acknowledges that CareerGenix is not responsible for the content, quality, accuracy or validity of information, pictures, videos, and all other data posted or uploaded by Members, Users, Advertisers, or other third parties. Also, CareerGenix has no responsibility to screen or verify information postings, uploads, etc. Therefore Employer holds CareerGenix harmless and without blame and free of any liability or culpability which may occur from any misrepresentations, inaccuracies, fraudulent information, omission of relevant information or anything else posted or uploaded by the aforementioned parties above. Furthermore, Employer waives all rights to any legal action against CareerGenix for any occurrences which is in any way detrimental or injurious to them resulting from any posting or uploads of any form of data, information, pictures, videos or other things received through the accessing the CareerGenix Website.

C. CareerGenix maintains the right to remedy the breach of these "Terms and Conditions" or the breach of any specific contract with Employer by suspension or termination of the Employers access to the CareerGenix Website and use of services provided by CareerGenix.

D. Employer certifies that it is a legitimate business operating within the legal jurisdiction of the United States, within the legal jurisdiction of the State it is domiciled and the within the jurisdiction of the State it is accessing the Website. All Employers Using the site from locations outside of the United States agree to do so at their own risk and agree to be subject to the laws of the United States

11. Advertisers

CareerGenix may provide space on the Website to specific advertisers within the "Terms and Conditions" set forth herein and stipulated by the terms of a specific Advertising Agreement. Furthermore, the advertiser is responsible for the development of all data, creativity and total content of the advertisement. Also, the advertiser agrees that the advertisement comply with the particulars of the "Terms and Conditions" set forth herein. CareerGenix must approve all advertisements and reserves the right to refuse any advertisement which it feels unsuitable for this Website.

12. Links to Third Party Sites

CareerGenix may provide links to third party websites as useful conveniences to Users. However, CareerGenix does not endorse or warrant the contents or accuracy of these links, their veracity or anything regarding them. Furthermore, CareerGenix has no responsibility whatsoever for activities between Users and these links. Users access all third party links at their own risk and waive any recourse or action against CareerGenix for any occurrence which is detrimental or damaging as a result of utilizing any third party link.

13. Disclaimer and Warranty

A. CareerGenix Website is a repository of managerial and professional talent designed to display the qualities and abilities of individual excellence and operates the Website strictly as a portal of information provided by Users and accessible to Users. However CareerGenix does not contribute to the information provided by Users. Therefore, CareerGenix does not endorse, in any manner, any User, Link, Advertiser or other party. Nor does CareerGenix guarantee the qualities or endorse any product, service, individual, company or other which is or is not connected or associated with the Website. Furthermore, CareereGenix cannot verify, confirm, or authenticate User identity and therefore all dealings between Users are at their own risk. Users indemnify and hold CareerGenix harmless and without blame or recourse for any mishaps or damages which occur between Users.

CareerGenix has no responsibility for the content of information, pictures, videos, etc. which is posted, uploaded nor any responsibility for content of advertisements or links. Furthermore, CareerGenix has no responsibility to review, audit, monitor, check or sort information, videos, pictures, articles, etc. prior to viewing by Users. However, CareerGenix will, upon notification of a complaint by a User regarding specific information, review and inspect posted or uploaded material referred to in the complaint to determine its conformity to these "Terms and Conditions". All appropriate actions taken will be at the discretion of CareerGenix and in compliance with these "Terms and Conditions".

B. User accesses the Website as it is presented without any guarantees or assurances from CareerGenix with regards to accuracy, reliability, completeness, error free in its operation, or free from harmful computer viruses and other damaging devices, and therefore CareerGenix is not responsible for costs for repairs or replacement to computer hardware and/or software which may result from Users access to the Website.

C. Except with regards to these "Terms and Conditions" CareerGenix has no direct or indirect involvement between Users. CareerGenix does not guarantee nor assume any responsibility for validity, veracity, or legality of any documents, materials, videos, pictures or other postings and uploads to the Website. Use of all postings and uploads, of all forms, are at the Users risk. Also, communications between Users are at their own risk.

D. All individuals and entities connected or aligned to CareerGernix (including all its employees. officers, directors, shareholders, agents, linked sites, advertisers, and affiliates) shall not be liable for any damages, minor or significant, under any circumstances or in any manner, which may be incurred as a consequence of accessing the Website or using services provided by CareerGenix which results in damages from lost opportunities, lost data, lost communications, or the inability to access the Website. In the event any State or Jurisdiction disallows the omission or limitation of liability, as stipulated above in this paragraph, then the limitation for damages shall be limited to a net amount of $200.00. However, any instance where damages are claimed by an entity or party which has a services agreement with CareerGenix then the amount of liability for damages, as referred to in this paragraph, shall not exceed the actual amount paid to Careergenix under the service agreement.

E. As stipulated to herein, CareerGenix is not responsible for actions of Users of this Website, and therefore all Users agree that all actions, claims, infringements or other actions against any other User of this Website will be restricted to that User and pursued independently of CareerGenix and without recourse of any form to CareerGenix.

14. Privacy

CareerGenix wishes to respect the privacy of Users within the parameters set forth in these "Terms and Conditions" and is reasonable within the intended use of this Website. When a User creates an account personal and professional information is asked including a valid email address. All information provided by a User is done so voluntarily and in accordance with these "Terms and Conditions" and the CareerGenix Privacy Policy (please read our Privacy Policy and Security Statement). As previously stated herein, information posted and uploaded by a User may be viewed by other Users. However, it is not the intent of CareerGenix to knowingly make this information available to parties or entities outside of Users of this Website or others not given permission from CareerGenix to access this site.

15. Security

CareerGenix desires to keep the Website secure and to promote the security of its Users. However, CareerGenix cannot police the entire internet nor guarantee the potential actions of those who would seek to breach the security of the Website and that of legitimate Users. We caution all Users to be cautious in the information they provide and give equal caution to who they are dealing with. Please read our Privacy Policy and Security Statement.

16. Payment of Services

A. All parties (individuals or entities) entering into a service agreement with CareerGenix agrees to pay within the specified terms of the service agreement entered into online or otherwise presented.

B. In the event that you terminate the agreement during the period the said agreement is active, then CareerGenix shall be entitled to receive payment equal to a prorated amount of the agreed service fee plus 50% of the remaining balance.

C. In the event that an Agreement is breached by you, then CareerGenix is entitled to monetary damages and possible other fair and reasonable compensation.

17. Contact CareerGenix for Technical Difficulty, Feedback, Complaints, and Claims of Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights.

A. Users should report technical difficulties with the Website by going to Contact Us on the Website and fill-in the subject as technical difficulties.

B. CareerGenix seeks to maintain the Website, as is feasibly possible, for the benefit of its Users. With this goal in mind, CareerGenix is interested in your feedback. Please refer your comments by going to Contact Us on the Website and fill-in the subject as feedback.

C. Complaints regarding any Users improper use of the Website, conduct which is unacceptable, actions which are fraudulent, or any other action which may be deemed as a violation of these "Terms and Conditions" should be submitted by going to Contact Us on the Website and fill-in the subject as complaint. CareerGenix shall investigate and take action which it deems appropriate within the parameters of the "Terms and Conditions".

D. Claims regarding encroachment of Intellectual Property Rights

CareerGenix believes in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights and shall investigate all claims which allege violation of intellectual property rights. CareerGenix will take measures to comply with all laws relating to intellectual property including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). Please inform CareerGenix, in writing, by addressing the claim of an infringement of Intellectual Property by going to Contact Us on the Website and fill-in the subject as IPCI. All claims filed with the IPCI must comply with the DMCA. CareerGenix will investigate these claims and take action to prove the veracity of a claim. It is the intent of CareerGenix to remove or prevent access to all materials, links, postings, etc. which infringe on intellectual property rights of others. Since an action by Users of this nature is contrary to these "Terms and Conditions", Users who violate this condition may have their access to this Website terminated.

Any claims of intellectual property right infringement which are misrepresented, false or bogus may be liable for damages (including all pertinent costs, attorney fees, and any other related costs).